Caring and supporting terminally ill people and their families

Hope is Kindled is here for people living with any terminal illness, and their families, with expert care, guidance & support. We provide care and support for terminally ill people and their families in the UK. Our nurses will work night and day, in people’s homes across the UK, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support, offering specialist round-the-clock care. And we will help people throughout their illness by giving practical information, support from trained volunteers and being there when someone wants to talk.

Who we are

Fundraise for Hope is Kindled

Fundraise for Hope is Kindled Become a Fundraiser! Help us raise funds for Hope is Kindled. Our work simply wouldn’t be possible without our committed and innovative fundraisers. Our fundraisers are constantly finding new and fun ways to raise money: supporters can run their own events from card sales to running a marathon, from Indie film screenings to quiz nights. We welcome activities that will raise our profile and funds for our work.

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Hope is Kindled 24/7 National Cancer HelpLine

We want to open a 24/7 National Cancer HelpLine, to offer support to those affected, directly and indirectly by this terrible disease and to respond to questions about any aspect of cancer and its treatment, from symptom awareness through to survivorship, death and dying. The Hope is Kindled Cancer HelpLine will be for patients, their relatives or people worried about cancer, for anyone with concerns about cancer. Calls will be answered by experienced personnel. We want to offer a live, 24/7, good quality, reliable, confidential support and help for those in need and raise awareness about cancer, treatment and consequences.

24/7 National Cancer HelpLine

Why Hope is Kindled?

Sometimes people ask: ‘why do you bother?’ Or: “there are already many other Charities, some very well established and much, much bigger than Hope is Kindled, why are you different or better? Well the answer is actually quite easy, a bit like the egg of Columbus, Hope is Kindled is a small and young Charity Company, that’s the key to our success, We are small so quick in the answers, dynamic, and, most important, very careful about expenses, what would be the point to waste 50 or even 60% of our income to pay our own expenses? We are small and proud of it, surely We will never waste the money that you donate Us on unnecessary activities. So: what are you waiting for? Get Involved! Give Us a hand!