Get Involved with Hope is Kindled

Get Involved with Hope is Kindled

If you’re looking to get involved with Hope is Kindled through fundraising or volunteering then you’ve come to the right place. We strive to fund ever more projects and battles and we have more ways than ever to make the difference all around the UK and the World. To do all this we need your help.

If you would like to make a donation there are several ways you can donate Hope is Kindled today, and if your are a UK taxpayer, you can add 28% to your donation at no extra cost through the Gift Aid Scheme.

Looking to help Us fundraise? Then visit the Be a Fundraiser page, with a wide range of UK and overseas activities. Or show your support by donating even a small amount of money, leave a legacy in your will, or you can even organise your own event.

Read below and remember, We are looking forward to ear from you!

1) Whether you have just a few hours on your hands or want to make a difference in the lives of others, volunteering your time is a great way to build skill, meet people, and have fun!

2) Think about which one of our projects you would like to be involved in. Have you always had a love of working with children? Perhaps you would like to be involved in our Playground for Hope project. Are you particularly passionate about Cinema? Being a festival volunteer at the 2010 Hope is Kindled Independent Film Festival is a great way to gain work experience, make contacts and see lots of amazing films. These are just a few examples.

3) Once you have chosen a project go online and send Us an email at Before e-mailing, think of some roles you might be good at: are you a good fundraiser? Do you have a particular skill such as writing or interacting with the public that could be especially useful? When contacting Us, introduce yourself and make Us aware of ways in which you could help.

4) Follow up! Ask if there is a way in getting you more involved. Sometimes, We have set parameters and roles for volunteers while sometimes, We may simply take a hand when it is given. Either way, make sure you are happy in your role.

5) Take the leap. Even if you are naturally shy, make and effort to introduce yourself and meet other fellow volunteers. These acquaintances can ensure your volunteer experience is even more enjoyable.

6) Be honest and up front about how much time you have to spend. When it comes to free labor, most charities will take as much as you can give. Instead, We would like to set parameters of how long you are available (even if it’s only an hour a week), and endeavor to stick to them. Don’t let your volunteering get in the way of your higher priorities.

7) Continue to do what you enjoy, and celebrate yourself! You have taken the steps that help others and improve your community.

So: what are you waiting for? Think… decide…. ACT!

Thanks for your help

Hope is Kindled